Demand for quality recycled aggregates reaches an all-time high

The recent upturn in the housing market, combined by an increasing population, has fuelled the construction of numerous new property developments throughout Essex and London. As more and more pressure is placed on the industry to demonstrate social responsibility and green credentials, here at JKS we have seen a corresponding mind-shift and increase in the demand for quality recycled aggregates, for use in the building process.
Developers and end clients are becoming wise to not just the environmental issues, but the money saving benefits of recycling waste from demolition and earth works. It is especially cost effective when construction requires the demolition of an existing structure before re-building on the same footprint.

JKS have long been a champion of this process and have had a WRAP approved recycling and washing facility on our premises since 2007. This enables us to supply WRAP standard, secondary aggregates, from fine sand through to oversized stone for Type 1 use. Our mobile crushing equipment also provides the option of crushing on site for added convenience.

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